In my meager attempt to outline an examined life, I have now come to one of the most important topics. Education may quite possibly be the greatest support, save the Light of the Triune God opening our eyes to His glory, in our attempt to live an examined life. However, education rarely conjures the same images to different individuals. A subject–no, a battleground–where ideologies fight over hearts and minds. An arena where many Christians are torn limb from limb by the ravenous beasts of lies, contempt, and rebellion. Why? Do we not have the truth? Can we not proclaim it well? Are we afraid?

These may be the reasons, but more likely we have simply been stripped of our weapons and sent to fight a war armed only with a few household materials. Having forgotten the lessons of our forefathers, the fashionable education trends of today have become the main tools used in our training. No longer do we turn to the wisdom of the ages. Instead, we reinvent the wheel in a feable attempt to prove ourselves more intelligent and creative than our ancient counterparts. So where does education begin? What are its ends? How does it happen?

Honestly, I do not consider myself ready to tackle this topic yet. Thus, I leave you with an article, originally a speech, written by Miss Dorothy Sayers. It was first presented at Oxford in 1947.

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