A while back I made a post about the quote “I’m here because the truth is worth the risk.” Now, I’m back to ask “Will you risk it?” I’ve been wrestling with the question of freedom. Freedom comes with many dangers. It can be abused and cause a great deal of harm. It can be used properly and create great lives. Freedom, at the core, unleashes potential: potential for life and potential for death. God created a world of freedom. We can freely choose life or death. Our freedom can become the our greatest ally or our worst enemy. It can allow us to live our life to the fullest and bless multitudes of people. It can also allow us to live our lives to the worst and wound multitudes of people. God sets before us life and death and asks us time and time again to choose life! This choice is essential to love, because it is impossible to truly love without choice. True love cannot be forced or manipulated. It must well up from within us. It must overflow from our  deepest self, from all parts of our being: heart, soul, mind, strength. My last post about our journey of pain was a first step into a journey of freedom as well. It is a journey containing our past hurts as well as our possible futures. We have the ability to take these steps toward God in freedom.
To step toward his limitless love, forgiveness, and acceptance. To step into our new birth, accept our gifts, live fully in our adoption as children of the King (I’ll go deeper into these things soon). We also can step the opposite way: despair, unforgiveness, and hatred. It isn’t an easy step. If we want true healing it will be painful, but God promises restoration and hope. The other way of despair promises only to harden us even further so that we no longer feel anything. Our heart becomes twisted and gnarled incapable of accepting love.

So I ask, will you risk the pain?

Will you risk the vulnerability?

Will you risk the safety of what you’ve known to experience a love and healing far beyond what you ever imagined?

I’ve decided to take the risk and attempt to bring life where ever I go. The risk being that once things  are brought to life, once my heart has been opened, there will be risk of pain, hurt, and rejection. However, I will not allow those things to deter me, because I know–deep down in my heart I know–that I am a son of the Most High God and I will not go back to living a pauper’s life. Will you come with me?

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Responses to Will you risk it?

  1. Jamie says:


    Thank you for the talk the three of us had a couple of weeks ago! I am clearly a work in progress but I am searching for answers in the right places and open to seeing where that leads me.

    You have to take risks to reap the joy and love that is available to you. That is something I am learning and with that comes some pain and healing but I have hope now. :-)

    Can’t wait to see you guys soon!!!

    Love you guys!!