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11 Feb

Remembering our Heritage

MMIX Anno Domini

In America, the individual takes precedence in almost every aspect of our lives. It dominates how we spend our time and money, with whom we associate and why, who we marry, what church we attend, how we vote, etcetera, etcetera. The link to a fallen human nature and its selfishness becomes undeniable here, but I […]

07 Feb

Maintaining the Status-Quo

MMIX Anno Domini

I never cease to be amazed by the slow, seemingly natural, slide into a slump.

16 Sep

Awareness of Specialization

MMVIII Anno Domini

In my last post I pondered the question of an unexamined life and I hope to further that discussion here. To recap, the unexamined life, as Plato describes it through the mouth of Socrates, contains three elements. First, it has no regard for the value, either good or bad, of an action. Second, it places […]

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