In America, the individual takes precedence in almost every aspect of our lives. It dominates how we spend our time and money, with whom we associate and why, who we marry, what church we attend, how we vote, etcetera, etcetera. The link to a fallen human nature and its selfishness becomes undeniable here, but I believe another element also comes into play. Unroll the rest

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I never cease to be amazed by the slow, seemingly natural, slide into a slump. Unroll the rest

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How do you make decisions? What aspects of life influence them? What experiences have touched you? What purpose drives you? What thoughts run through your head?

These questions (and many more) are integral in my discussion of a Christian ethos. I hope and pray to begin building a definition of Christian life and involvement. Using Scripture supremely, wisdom from the past, and personal experience as my guides, I endeavor to show the importance of Christ in all things. But I must start with the basics. Unroll the rest

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