Yesterday morning our teacher, Herman Haan, gave us the assignment of writing our life story creatively. He wants us to struggle through learning to use our imaginations again; to return to the days of our youth and look for the story the natural eye cannot see or comprehend. Herman’s definition of creativity and media is to use it to explain with feeling and emotion what is invisible to the natural eye. We had three hours to complete the assignment, so it isn’t my complete story, but it is a broad outline. So without further ado, my story—creatively.
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While this post should have been made before the last one I suppose it is better late than never. For those of you who don’t know, Jen & I are living in Mijas, Spain now. We have been here since June 29th and are attending the G42 Leadership Academy. The transition to living in another country has been very smooth. Mainly because I believe God has given me a gift for simply being at home wherever I am. I love being surrounded by a different culture and, while I certainly can’t speak the language yet, I’m amazed at how much can be communicated across language barriers. Mijas is a small beautiful Spanish village perched at the base of the 1100m Sierra de Mijas mountains and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea  a mere 4 miles away. It is filled with many nationalities enjoying their summer vacations. You can take a stroll around town and hear Spanish, Dutch, German, French, English (British), English (American), Korean, and Japanese–just to name a few.
Our typical day starts at 8:30am. We get up and get ready for class at 9:30 which goes until 12:00pm, and then we break for a two hour lunch. Afterward, we head back to class from 2:00 until 4:00, and then back to the house to lounge, cook dinner, do chores, or whatever until dinner (Between 6:00 and 6:30). After dinner we might take a walk, read, talk, or simply hang out. We live in a very relaxed atmosphere, but it is very much with purpose. One of the main messages of G42 is living in a gospel of grace and relationship. We are living life together learning to hear God’s voice and truly live by the spirit instead of simply right and wrong. We tend to want things in black and white–Yes to this, No to that–and while black and white does exist, we also have many shades of gray in between. The difficultly comes not in living by formulaic rules, but by walking closely with Jesus and listening to what he tells you.
So that’s one reason I’m here. God brought Jen & I here to show us his love, to teach us to walk in true relationship with him, and to live fully alive. I want to learn how to listen to the Spirit and make decisions based on what brings life instead of simply rigorous black or white rules. I want to live dangerously in intimate relationship with both God and my fellow {disciples, warriors, brothers/sisters}.
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As you can see things look a little differently here now! I’ve completely reworked this site, and plan on posting new updates weekly while we are here in Spain. It has been an amazing first week of class and Jen & I are super excited to see how God is going to use this time. The extra curricular time is amazing as well, but you’ll hear much more about that later. For now I’ll leave you with a few pictures from the world cup celebration tonight.

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