The Annals of July 2010

26 Jul

The Power of Forgiveness

MMX Anno Domini

Stories usually contain suffering or adversity and it adds to the depth of the tale, but sometimes those chapters can distort beauty into cruelty. Those events break hearts and a broken heart cannot be healed without Forgiveness. He possesses great amounts of power. He liberates the prisoner and heals the broken, but he only appears when invited. If the invitation never arrives, his powers will never be manifested, and brokenness turns strength into poison and character becomes bitterness.

24 Jul

España Javë Tres

MMX Anno Domini
18 Jul

Quick Update

MMX Anno Domini

Internet Explorer 6 users will be happy to know I’ve fix a couple major problems with the rendering of this site, and have removed the ie6 warning page; however, I still HIGHLY suggest you upgrade to a newer, safer, faster, better, browser. Also, I’ll also be making a new post tomorrow called “The Wounds We […]

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