The Annals of September 2010

17 Sep

Beginning of the End

MMX Anno Domini

My first half of the G42 Leadership Academy has come to a close. It’s a bitter-sweet time. I’ve learned much and grown immensely, but the end draws near. We’re sad to see our graduates leave, but we also know they go with a changed heart and the confidence to walk boldly into new life. These […]

03 Sep

State of the American Church and Politics

MMX Anno Domini

I love America. I love the body of Christ. I also love the beautiful combination of the two that appear in the United States. The history of the US exemplifies the struggle between sin and righteousness. Our ancestors fought for liberties–both religious and political–and at the same time endorsed slavery. Therefore, denying many people their natural rights as human beings. America’s history tells a beautiful story of devotion to belief, love of God, struggles to maintain order, the power of Enlightenment thinking, and the ugliness of sin. Our history bares it all–both glorious and grotesque.