Seeking the fullness of Christ in Life,
and the fullness of Life in Christ.
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I’m twenty-four years old, and married to a beautiful, intelligent, woman of God. I desire to show the power of Christ in all realms of life. A holistic Christian worldview stands firm against all other fallacies this world presents, but we must learn how to separate the Truth from the lies. If God is Truth, and Creator of the world, then all truth discovered is His truth. It’s our job to find and proclaim it. So grab your backpacks, put on your thinking caps, and lets begin our journey.


While the above is true, I’ve decided to journal through my changes in life over the years. I’m now twenty-five years old and have begun to understand my identity as a prince in the Kingdom of Heaven. I desire more now than ever to dedicate my life to discipling others so that they may also understand live in the all-encompassing, gentle and yet overpowering, love of God. I pray that in my life I will be able to humbly proclaim to those around me “imitate me as I imitate Christ”. I desire to live a life dedicated to seeing others flourish. I proclaim I shall never, from personal insecurities, hold those around me from reaching the furthest limits of their God-given potential. I pray I will always maintain a “theology of change”, so to never miss what God is doing around me. I pray I will never cease to humbly seek to know more and more about the lover of my soul, so that I may give my revelations to others.

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