• I resolve to increase the worship of God the Father and His son Yeshua through the seeking and proclaiming of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.
  • I resolve to admonish and exhort my readers to use their God-given gifts and talents to further His Kingdom, not only within the church, but all areas of life.
  • I resolve to, within five years, be found within the first page of search results of major search engines. (Specifically, when people are searching for variations on Christian and the multitude of disciplines I have listed above.)
  • I resolve to become a gadfly.1
  • Finally, I resolve to continue walking the path the Lord has put before me with all the strength, passion, and purity I can muster.
  1. Socrates calls himself a gadfly during his defense in Plato’s Apology. (Loomis, Louise (Ed.). (1942). Five great dialogues. New York, New York: Walter J. Black.

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