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03 Aug

The Truth is Worth the Risk

MMX Anno Domini

We, the guys, watched The A-Team this weekend, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was an awesome time of simply hanging out and enjoying an action film. However, in the middle of the movie I was taken off-guard by the strength of a line. Truth often strikes us when we aren’t expecting it, but when […]

14 Jul

Becoming All Things to All People

MMX Anno Domini
16 Sep

Awareness of Specialization

MMVIII Anno Domini

In my last post I pondered the question of an unexamined life and I hope to further that discussion here. To recap, the unexamined life, as Plato describes it through the mouth of Socrates, contains three elements. First, it has no regard for the value, either good or bad, of an action. Second, it places […]

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